Saskia Huning owns and runs the business Huning Decorations, a specialist decorating company set up by Joy and Wilm Huning over 30 years ago. Her work in the field of painted finishes in historic buildings has led to her own creative work developing into contemporary wall paintings.

Techniques used in the repair of historic schemes such as gilding are used to create abstract gilded panels and so the Huning Decorations work influences her own studio work.

Saskia is happy to take commissions in any of the techniques used in her works.

My designs, paintings and drawings are inspired by the places in which I work and the historic painted surfaces that I work on with my company Huning Decorations. I might be retouching an 18th century wall painting in a stately home or a 1950's mural which has been painted as an integral part of the design of a school.

My painting technique has grown from the retouching work that I do on wall paintings as I work with many layers of translucent colour. I also include pen, pencil and crayon in my own wall paintings.

I am inspired both by the original artist's techniques and the finished paintings. I like the fact that these wall paintings may have been covered up by additional layers of paints for many years and are rediscovered and uncovered to be viewed once more. When working on retouching an artists wall paintings it allows me to really look closely at the artists techniques which is very inspiring.

I am also inspired by the contrasts of colour, texture and patterning that can be gained in repeat design work. Repeats are fascinating; once I have created the single repeat block there is a myriad of options for a given situation depending on how the repeat is created. A design can be fine tuned to fit a particular colour balance. I like the challenge of working in a new environment and relating my design to all the objects and artworks that surround the space that I have to work in.

My drawings spring out of an enjoyment of the physical creation of drawing. Often inspired by a visit to an artist friend in their studio, my drawing sessions are usually accompanied by good music and I enjoy the movement of the pencil over the paper, creating the lines, shapes and textures. These things cannot be forced, they just happen. One should be able to feel the enjoyment in a work.

My gilded panels are created using tradition techniques and I am inspired by the methods and materials used. The gilding techniques have been used for hundreds of years but I can create a modern abstract design which includes a multitude of different textures, and levels and can contain semi precious stones. I make my own paints which I use on the gilded surfaces and I aim to create small jewel-like pieces that are a interesting to look at again and again and catch the light in different ways at different times of the day.

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News: The E17 Art Trail runs from the 31st May to the 15th June 2014 in Walthamstow, London. Saskia will be showing her contemporary murals and the full size studio version of Fred Milletts Winter mural that was recreated at St Crispins school in the summer of 2012.
E17 Art Trail